Rental Application

STOP: please note your Application will be moved to the back of the line. 
We require the Deposit and rent be paid if you plan to rent the home.

Please Note We do not hold any home with out the deposit and rent paid 
Thank You,

First and last name required


Self employed persons will be required to have 2 years of federal taxes to show proof of income

Proof of income will be required at the lease signing.


Tenants not have a current lease or rent history will
be required to pay first and last months rent plus deposit

You may NOT use a family member as a landlord

Can not be a family menber

We do not hold units for more than 7 days

Leasing Requirements 

*Rent History:
 If you have NO renting history you will be required to pay first and last months rent plus your deposit in advance.
 Each resident over the age of 18 will be required to be on the lease and have passed a background ck.

 *Income Requirement:
Persons 1 & 2 Combined income must be no less than 3 x the rent. You may NOT use a third person to reach this amount

  We require no less than 60 days employment to be able to rent from us.

*No Current Employment:
Any one with no current employment will need to pay 3 months rent in advance plus deposit

*Self Employed Persons:
  All self employed persons will need to have 2 years taxes as proof of income.

To View A Property
Complete a Application (No Fee)
Pass a  background check: Have no drug charges, Have No Eviction, Have No breaking and entering charges. Ect.

To Moving In:
Each Person over 18 living at the residents is required to be on the lease.
Have passed Background Check 
Have Full Rent & Deposit
Complete Your Lease (In Our Office)
Have Proof Of All Utilities In Your Name if not furnished by us (Required To Get Keys)
Have proof of Employment & income
Have No less than 2 months current employment

We allow no more than (1) pet per home; we define pets as dogs and cats.
To have a pet the home being rented must be pet approved.

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required for your pet.

Not Allowed 

  • Snakes

  • Hamsters

  • Guinea Pigs or other small caged animals

  • Fish in a tank larger than ten Gal.

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